Today I’m throwing it back to our recent trip to South Lake Tahoe to celebrate our friend Tony’s birthday! It was a quick 48 hour trip with us taking a flight from San Diego to Sacramento Saturday morning then making the 2 1/2 hour drive over to South Lake Tahoe. It was Johnny and I’s first time visiting so we were in awe of all of the beautiful sights! We arrived around noon and immediately went to hike Eagle Falls Trailhead to catch up with the rest of our group. The entire hike took about an hour to complete and the end result of seeing Eagle Lake was so worth it!

The next day we made a stop at Zephyr Cove for a few hours before heading back to the airport. It was such a pretty day to go out and relax at the lake. Our group ended up going paddle boarding and canoeing. Guys, canoeing is a lot harder than it looks! It felt like we were going to flip over at any second but thank goodness we didn’t. The key is to stay coordinated when paddling. 😉 The only time I ever canoed prior to this was at Disneyland… LOL I’m not sure if that counts as authentic canoeing.

Our trip quickly came to an end but it felt like we accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to go back and visit during Winter!

Have you guys been to Tahoe before? 🙂

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Johnny and I took a quick weekend trip up to L.A. to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed by. While we were in L.A. we stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was a beautiful hotel situated right on Hollywood Blvd across from the Chinese theater and Walk of Fame. Johnny’s never been to the Walk of Fame before so we decide to go hunt for Jackie Chan’s star. We then headed over to Madam Tussaudes to check out the wax figures (so crazy how realistic they look!), and ended the night with sushi at Sugarfish. Next day we stopped by Santa Monica Pier before heading to Disneyland! We stopped by Pokinometry in Anaheim for lunch then it was off to the happiest place on earth! The perfect way to wrap up our trip 🙂


Hi loves!

Coming at you with a #OOTD post! I’ve been obsessed with the off the shoulder trend so when I picked this lace top from Nordstrom up I was in love! For today’s outfit, I went for a comfy casual look perfect for exploring Liberty Public Market. I paired the top with my Target legging jeans and Tom’s Majorca Suede Booties which are the comfiest pair of heels that I own. This outfit is perfect for a day of walking around eating all of new dishes from LPM. If you plan on visiting Liberty Public Market, I highly recommend checking out WestBean Coffee Roasters for their salted caramel latte, ParanEmpanadas and Stuffed! (try their Mac n Cheese Burger) 🙂